Tuesday - Saturday 10am-5pm

closed 11 & 12 Oct 2019 as I will be exhibiting at Manchester Art Fair



I came to Liverpool in 1984 to study Textile Design at Liverpool Polytechnic. Having originally intended to study fine art, I found textiles at that time to be much more inspiring and looking back I know it was the right choice. After graduating I explored my creativity and settled upon oil painting as my medium and the landscape for inspiration.

Although some of my work is more abstract, it all starts with observation of the natural or built environment. With my background in textiles I am more tuned in to texture, colour and structure in everything I see. This applies as much to a rock on the beach as concrete in the city.

There are common themes running through my work, coastal, landscape and urban, all places I have visited, walked, sketched and photographed. These include much of the British coast, Liverpool waterfront, the coast of South Australia, the Montana prairie and closer to home, the suburbs of south Liverpool.

Since 2005 I have had my studio and gallery in Mossley Hill, Liverpool.